Hey there new friend! My name is Danny the Girl and I like to make things with my computer.

I mostly like to do things geared towards bands and musicians; album artwork, flyers, and merchandise, though I am happy to work on a wide range of other projects. I've done quite a lot in the way of creating logos for artists and businesses, as well as business cards, ads and promotions, and related merchandising.

I try to be as versatile as possible, though I do tend to personally favor bright, bold colors, stylized images, use of implied line, and the use of seemingly unrelated and random subject matter. In general, I am not a very serious or subversive person, and I think my work tends to reflect that. If you're looking for bold design that isn't afraid to poke fun at itself, then you've come to the right person!

I'm also super into hanging out with cats, the original Star Wars trilogy, eating what some might think is too much pizza, and British television.